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Series Review: Mathesons, J. Ardian Lee

J. Ardian Lee (Julianne Ardian Lee)

1. Son of the Sword (2001)
2. Outlaw Sword (2002)
3. Sword of King James (2003)
4. Sword of the White Rose (2004)

Summary: Dylan Matheson is an ordinary guy with ordinary problems: family, girlfriend - the usual. He likes his life. He's happy living above the dojo where he teaches martial arts and swordfighting. He has a few close friends who share his interest in things ancient and Scottish. Then one day at a Medieval Faire, he sees a magnificent broadsword. He takes it in hand - and is transported to a time and place he has only read about.

I found all four of the Matheson books on, taking a chance on them because of the good price. I'm very glad I took the chance! I loved Dylan, the main character, from the beginning. He's witty, attractive, protective, passionate and he has good hygiene. This in itself is a rare thing in Scotland during the 1700's. They still sleep with their sheep in the winter, have no understanding of dental care, nutrition or sanitizing needles before sewing up wounds. Dylan has his work cut out for him if he's not only going to survive, but protect those around him.

The books are a quick read, but not superficial. I loved the historical tidbits the author wove into the story. I also thought she used humor to bring life to the characters, especially Dylan. The books have themes of love and loss, fighting for what you believe in, courage, faith and family. The author doesn't gloss over the beliefs or the harshness of living in Scotland during this time period. Many scenes are not for the faint of heart.

In case you were wondering, the Fae do make an appearance. After all, it is Scotland, how can they not? The tale of the Mathesons has romance, magic, fighting, political intrigue, history, humor and adventure. I really can't ask for more in a good historical romance.

I'd highly recommend J. Ardian Lee's books to fans of historical romance, but also those who enjoy paranormal romance and time travel. They are a great read!

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