Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Steam Punk Dress-Up: Do You Dare?

Do we ever really grow out of playing with paper dolls? Better yet, do we ever grow out of dressing up virtual paper dolls in Steampunk themes? NO WE DON'T!

Next time you have writer's block, or just a little time on your hands head on over to play dress-up. It's free and it's fun.

First, we have the Victorian Dress-Up Doll ala Gail Carriger, author of Soulless. Don't forget the round Steampunk style glasses!

Next we have Clockwork Couture from artist Annie Stegg, complete with moving illustrations and cool music:

While there you can also play with the Polka Dot Pirate. She has some awesome clothing and eye patches!

Come on, you KNOW you want to play!


PennyAsh said...

These are great, they make me want to get out my pince nez spectacles and leather military coat

PG Forte said...

Ooh, this is brilliant! And just what I need to help keep me from ever finishing this @#%#%^& WIP. lol!

Seriously, I so wanna play.