Friday, January 8, 2010

The 2010 Bloggiesta

I've decided to participate in the annual Bloggiesta, despite coming in late. I need some organization folks! I'm hoping this will get me going in the right direction. Since I'm starting late, my goals for today aren't too big. I have been working on some of this earlier before deciding to officially join tonight.

Friday's Goals: 8 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.

Clean up and revamp sidebar

-Remove expire buttons. Add new ones.
-Check Blog roll for inactive blogs.
-Add online bookstore links that I use. (1/2 done)
-Update Goodreads widget.
-Add a list of blog tours coming up.

(I also put on a new background and a header, which I need to lighten a bit yet.)

I think this is about all I can try and get done tonight.

Saturday's Goals: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. then again in evening. (approx. 7-11 pm)

-Write at least 3 reviews (2 done)
-Participate in 3 or more mini challenges.
-Make a graphic button for blog.

Bloggiesta Mini Challenges:
1. Copyrights and Footer Info. from Pam from at Info. Here FINISHED!

2.Backing Up My Blog from Jackie from Farm Lane Books. Info.Here FINISHED!

3.I made a favicon and a gravatar! I used my little moon avatar and it looks great! This mini-challenge was from Trish from Hey Lady! Watcha Readin’? FINISHED!

4. Emily from Emily’s Reading Room challenged us to sign up for Google Alerts. Information is here. FINISHED!

Sunday Goals: 9 a.m - 3 p.m. then again in evening.

2010 Book Challenges
(moved from Saturday)
-Put up buttons in sidebar
-Put up individual posts for each challenge to update.
-Add books read so far in 2010.


-Write 2 more reviews.
-Participate in 2 or more mini challenges.
-Update my Profile on Blogger

Today's Mini Challenges:
1. Create a Cheat Sheet from Danielle from There’s a Book. Info.Here



Care said...

yea for joining bloggiesta! Best to you as you work towards your goal. :)

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

I'm glad you decided to join! I hope you have fun with it. And you'll do great. You've got realistic goals!

Monica said...

That's an admirable list. Good Luck!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Love the header! Have fun with the Bloggiesta!

I Heart Monster said...

Woot! you can do it :o)

Alexia561 said...

Really like your header! Congrats on all of your finished goals, and good luck with the remaining ones. Happy Bloggiesta!