Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Devil in Merrivale Contest & Blog Tour

The Devil in Merrivale
Author: Jackie Griffey
Zumaya Publications
Trade Paperback, 252 pages

Summary: Murder isn’t the usual order of business in the little town of Merrivale, Tennessee, so the brutal stabbing death of popular high school student Denise Davis sends a shock through the community. Sheriff Cas Larkin is determined to find the killer, and the last thing he needs is distractions like the increasing reports of missing cattle and other livestock.

I read The Devil in Merrivale as a PDF file because the publisher had a delay on the books, and I was too curious to wait for the book itself. Jackie Griffey has an easy going, down to earth, writing style that makes the reader feel comfortable, much like she's telling you the story in your living room while you share coffee and cake.

Jackie shared this with Pump Up Your Book last month:

We live in Cabot, near Little Rock, Arkansas with lots of great places to visit. Hot Springs, Eureka Springs, Memphis, TN, St. Louis and New Orleans are all within easy driving distance. My favorite thing in spring and summer is enjoying our yard, flowers, shrubs, azaleas, and a huge Magnolia tree Jim planted for me thirty years ago. All year long I enjoy shopping with my daughter, we cook and eat out and have a ball in or during the shopping trips.

Her book flows smoothly, and you have confidence that Cas Larkin, the sheriff of Merrivale, will find the killer and solve the mysterious happenings in his small town. I liked him from the first chapter. He reminds me of Sheriff Andy Taylor from Mayberry R.F.D., whom I loved as a kid.

I really liked The Devil in Merrivale because of the author's laid back style which made her book a fun and relaxing read. As a kid I loved mysteries, and Jackie's book reminds me of a grown up version of the books I read back then.

The Devil in Merrivale Contest
My copy did arrive from the publisher yesterday, so I'm going to give it away to one lucky reader! The details are as follows:

Leave a comment sharing with me your favorite mystery book, either as an adult or a kid. Leave your email address if it's not part of your blog profile. If you don't have a blog, that's okay too, as long as I can get hold of you. The contest will end on January 31st, 2010.

You can find more information on The Devil in Merrivale and Jackie HERE.



E.J. Stevens said...

Great giveaway!

My favorite mysteries as a kid were the Agatha Christie 'Miss Marple' books. I devoured them.[at]gmail[dot]com

dor said...

My fave is Death at Buckingham Palace

dorcontest at gmail dot com

Marian said...

I confess to having a crush on Sherlock Holmes when I was a teenager. I read every one of the Arthur Conan Doyle mysteries. I still like Holmes immensely, but he'd be hell to live with. :)


mdperera at hotmail dot com

Tonya H said...

I confess to liking the Nancy drew series when I was little. It did keep me busy while other authors were coming out with something. Plus, its classic!

Katy said...

I loved the Trixie Belden series when I was a teen. I devoured them. :)

E-mail's in my profile.

Anonymous said...

E. J. Stevens: I'm glad about the give-away - it's making new friends and I love meeting new friends, readersa and writers both!
Jackie Griffey

Anonymous said...

Marion: I'm a Sherlock Holms fan too but as far as his being hell to live with - go see the new movie they made-LOL!
Jackie Griffey

Anonymous said...

Tonya H.: I 'cut my library teeth' on Nancy Drew too and my grown daughter still has most of her series.
Jackie Griffey

Anonymous said...

Katy: As above, I loved Nancy Drew but don't remember Trixie Belden - Love Agatha Christie and thought of her village of St. Mary Mead writing my Merrivale series. :-)
Jackie Griffey

Melissa aka Equidae said...

i love reading books by Dick Francis, Agatha Christie and as a child Enid Blython :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't read very much when I was a kid. I was too busy doing other things. So, I can only tell you about now. I read every one of The Prey series that John Sandford comes out with.