Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kindle Tips: Oh, I See...That's How It's Done

I posted my previous blog last night, and this morning I figured out something that should have been obvious to me. I can go to Amazon and purchase e-books, which are then sent to my Kindle through the wireless it comes with. It was a "Duh." moment to say the least. (Below I give my "expert" instructions.)

Don't judge me, I truly am an intelligent and Internet savvy person:) I'm just a little slow when it comes to technology. For instance, I still love pencils and fresh new notebooks. No, not computer notebooks. Paper. I also use an organizer that is NOT on my laptop. I've tried using organizing programs throughout the years and they just don't work for me. I need a calendar, and organizer that I can hold in my hand and scribble on. I also use my phone for phone calls only. I know you are shocked. (The horror!) I don't text or have a cool ring tone. My teens just shake their head at me and walk away.

I'm not anti-technology. I love gadgets, which is why I'm so fascinated with steampunk. Well, that and the cool goggles. I'm not good with change and THAT is where the problem lies. I need time to adjust to change. I bought my laptop in January 2009. I was excited but it was different. I wanted to like it so badly, but I was sad to think I'd never feel comfortable using it for writing. It wasn't our PC. Now, I can't imagine using anything else. I love my laptop:) See, I just needed time to learn, to adjust.

I really am learning more each day about e-book readers and I already have found many uses for my Kindle, but I will always love the smell and feel of a new book.

By the way, I found these free e-books on Amazon today:

Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, Book 1) [Kindle Edition]
Moonstone by Marilee Brothers [Kindle Edition]

I've read the paperback of Dead Witch Walking last year, but this is suppose to be a special edition. I'll review it once I read it. The other book is a Young Adult book and is new to me, and I'll review that too when I finish.

To recap my new found knowledge: When you buy your Kindle, you register it on the Kindle itself with your current log in information. After doing this you can go to Amazon from your laptop or PC and go to the Kindle Store section. First, search by what type of book you like, such as Paranormal Romance, then sort those results from "Price: Low to High". Once you've logged in, and added the first one to your cart, you'll be asked which device you want it sent to. As long as you've registered, your Kindle will be listed and the e-books will be sent to it through the wireless they use.

Psuedo Emo Teen came home today and laughed at me for not knowing I had this option. "I assumed you KNEW you could do this, Mom. It's a given." Yeah, well, we will see how hard he is laughing when I forget to set a place for him at dinner:)



Alexia561 said...

Some things just aren't that obvious, no matter what smarty-pants teenagers may think! Glad you made a new discovery, and am sure that you'll make many more as you get more comfortable with it. I was the same way when I got my laptop. Lots of "duh" moments! *L*

I downloaded Moonstone onto my laptop, but haven't started reading it yet. Haven't read a book on my computer before, but am always open to new things. Never even knew that Kindle had a free PC version!

Did you decide to be nice and set a place for Psuedo Emo Teen at dinner, or did you accidentally "forget"? :D

Moonsanity said...

My husband made steaks on the grill, and we had baked potatoes. I let him eat:) He seemed humble after laughing at me, so he lucked out. BAHAHAHA

Before my Kindle I read short stories and one book on my laptop. It wasn't bad as long as I was in a comfy chair.

Patti said...

Don't feel bad. Although I knew to do the Amazon thing (love my technical terms?) I still have to get PDF and convert on my laptop if I buy from anywhere else but Amazon. I've tried the ebook option but for whatever reason I can't get it to work so I just go with PDF and convert. It might be the long way around the block but at least I'm getting there!

Moonsanity said...

Patti-- I feel better then. It's all so new and each reader seems to be different too. I am learning more at least:)