Monday, March 1, 2010

Roadkill Release Week Goodness!

Rob Thurman is one of my favorite authors, and this is release week for the fifth book in her Cal & Niko Leandros series. Here is the awesome cover with Cal and his werewolf with benefits, Delilah.

I'm heading out tomorrow or Wednesday to buy my copy of Roadkill in the store so it helps Rob rack up sale goodness to make sure we continue to get more Cal & Niko. It's extremely important to buy the book from Tuesday, March 2 to Saturday, March 6th to make the biggest impact on her sales. If you haven't read Rob's books check out these cool blogs to learn more. You really don't want to miss these awesome books.

(A note: The give-aways are for Rob's other books, so you can STILL go buy Roadkill this week and not be doubling up. Just saying...)

The awesome Larissa has an interview and give-away for FOUR of Rob's books.
Her give-away ends March 11th. Visit Larissa & Rob HERE!

Rob guest blogs about "not blogging" which gives you some insight into her witty personality PLUS she's giving away her books to four winners to be picked at random on Sunday, March 7, 2010. Rob on Deadline Dames:

This is an interview on Cat and Muse with Cal himself, and Goodfellow, a character in all of the Cal & Niko books. I can't explain his personality or his antics- you have to read the interview.

Cat and Muse Interview:

Twitpic your Roadkill by Rob Thurman receipts (dated 3/2-3/7) for a chance to win original Snark Art!

"The snark art will apparently be a collage of every embarrassing picture I've had taken (which are quite a few) and he's going to MSTK Nightlife. Now THAT will be brutal. But all for the cause!" ~from Mark's blog.

The Sneak Peak Deal
Now, when you buy your copy of Roadkill you can also get a sneak peak at a chapter from the SIXTH Cal & Niko book. Rob has details here:


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