Saturday, May 22, 2010

Me, Angry Teen & My Cool Tee

This is my son Mike, who is having his 16th Birthday Party today. Oh, and that t-shirt I'm wearing is the tee I won from Ilona Andrews on her blog. They will have these t-shirts at their signing which is May 25, 2010 at Powell's Cedar Hill Bookstore in Portland, Oregon. Not only will Ilona and Gordon be there, but so will Devon Monk and Lilith Saintcrow. Good times will be had by all! If you go, please take pictures since I live across the country and won't be able to attend.

For those of you who are asking the question "Wow, she looks short, is she?" Yeah, I'm only 5 foot tall, and Mike has been taller than me for awhile now:) Also, his friends bought him that lovely t-shirt, not his mom.



Mar said...

LOL, love his tshirt. My son turns 6 this year, I can't even imagine him turning 16...EEEEK! Hope everything turned out great!

Patti said...

Happy Birthday Mike! (I love his t-shirt too!) Mine will be 17 this summer and he towers over me as well.

That shirt is awesome! I ordered a signed copy of the book from Powells,wish I could order a t-shirt as well. I hope there are lots of pictures!

Krystean said...

Happy Birthday to your son! Love his t-shirt! Sounds like you guys are having a great time!

Moonsanity said...

Thanks:) We did have a good time, and all the kids were really super. Everyone was nice and played well together. *snicker* 6 of the boys spent the night and I dug out all the sleeping bags and extra blankets. My other son had his 16th party last year. He's turning 17 on June 3rd. I'll have to post a picture with him too. They are getting so old. Waaaa

Andrew said...

The shirt looks great, please tell your son happy B-day for me. Sorry you could not attend but glad you won on give-away.

Ashley Ladd said...

Happy birthday to your son.

My 15 year old son's been taller than me for awhile, too.