Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where I Write, Review & Tweet

Last weekend I grabbed my kids and made them help me transform a corner of the dining room area into a work space. That is my free purple desk with my trusty laptop and my Kindle. On the desk I have the books I'm reading for blog tours, various moons I've collected, a wax melt burner (lavender vanilla is the current scent) and flowers from my husband. I put up a cork board to hold a calendar, assorted swag from cool people, notes and a Mother's Day card from my daughter. I have more things to add to the board this week.

To the right is my To Be Read Bookshelf. That isn't all the books because I have some fantasy and science fiction in my bedroom as well, but let's not go there. The bottom part of the shelf with the doors is where I'm keeping the books for my Summer Reading Give-Away, which has yet to be named. It will start July 1st after our family vacation to Florida in June. I'm excited because I have some really cool books to share with everyone.

Lastly, on the top of the bookshelf is my miniature fairy tea set and a tea for two set from j. willfred. It's one of my favorites. I bought it when my daughter was small and we started having tea parties. I've been collecting tea sets in all sizes and patterns for about ten years now, maybe a little longer. I've written articles on afternoon tea traditions, children's tea parties, herbal tea and Irish tea time over the years.

I thought you all might enjoy a peek at my writing space, especially now that I've revamped it.



Alexia561 said...

Love it! You're much more organized than I am. *L* I like your idea for the cork board! Thanks for sharing!

jacabur1 said...

Thanks for sharing a little "peek into your space"! Looks nice and well thought out!! Enjoy!

jackie b central texas

Redameter said...

Way cooler than my junked up space in my bedroom. Now this kind of blog I enjoy, seeing a little into the person's personailty.

My problem is that when I organize, I forget where I put it, (which is usually where it should have been in the first place) and it takes forever to find anything then. So I have decided that the more disorganized I am, the better I can find my way around. but I can dream of having a nice place like you have.

Moonsanity said...

Everything used to be in the bedroom and I had the laptop on the dining room table:) I thought this might be a little better, and maybe I could be more organized. LOL

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Great spot! I love the moons. And I don't feel so bad about my tbr pile now. ;) LOL. So, since you just set it up, how long will it stay so neat? I always try to keep everything neat. Then if finds its way to clutter before I know it and then I have to clean it all up again. Great room. :)