Monday, August 23, 2010

Five Reasons I Love The Losers

This weekend I watched The Losers on DVD twice, and I will be buying it because it's so kick ass. Why, you ask?

1. It's based on a graphic novel written by Andy Diggle, who is a British writer. You can follow him on Twitter here: . A download of the first issue of The Losers is available free from Vertigo here. He has a cool name, and does snark so well, he could be the King of Snark. He's my hero. This is the description of the comic:

The Company thought it had taken care of the Losers. After they saw a little too much at the wrong place and time, their chopper went down in flames with no survivors and plenty of deniability - and the Losers went down in the records as just another team of black ops foot soldiers tragically lost to one of the CIA's shadow wars.

But the Losers were just playing dead - and now that they've seen what the Company is really up to, they're through with games. Now it's time to take the fight back to its source.

Time for some payback...

2. The main artist for the graphic novel is Jock. Yes, you read that correctly. Jock. How cool of a name is that? According to Wikipedia, Jock is actually a pen name for Mark Simpson, a British comics artist. Cool pen name, dude.

3. Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Who says a man has to be 20 to be sexy? J.D. has it covered in spades:

4.Óscar Jaenada's plays Cougar in the movie, and he rocks. He doesn't have a lot of lines, but the man has it going on. He's tough, mysterious, good looking and he needs his own story.

5. Witter Banter and Cool Explosions: There are more witty lines than I could count and enough cool stunts to please hardcore action fans. The movie rocked.

Have you seen The Losers? What did you think?



Robin K said...

We watched this weekend as well. Great entertainment. I loved the humor in it. "Can you walk?" "What is it, ask a stupid question day?!"

So much fun and a great story. A little A-Team'ish but can't get enough of those boys either.

Moonsanity said...

I loved the humor too. LOL This one was great: "Did you know that cats can make one thousand different sounds and dogs can only make ten? Cats, man. Not to be trusted." I had to look it up.

Robin K said...

"I'll give you a heart attack with my mind"

LOL, best elevator scene ever!

elizabeth said...

I just watched it this weekend and loved it! It was a great movie. I loved the humor, too. I had no idea it was based on a graphic novel.

R.J. Edwards said...

I loved the Losers. The snarky humor is great. The fight scene between Clay & Aisha was super HAWT!!
And Jason Patrick was hilarious as Max.

Moonsanity said...

Max was cool bad guy. There are a lot of movies coming out that were graphic novels first... Kick Ass was too. Of course, off the top of my head I can't remember the rest of them:)