Friday, January 7, 2011

No One Speaks That Way!

I've heard this a few times from my kids over the years. Yes, I'm 50 years old, but the thing is I don't use slang from the 70's when I was a teenager. I tend to use odd words and phrases, and I'm not sure why they stick in my head. Here a few examples of words or phrases I love to use, whether I mean to or not:

Giddy: to me there isn't another word that really conjures the same image that giddy does. When I won my Kindle a year or so ago, I was giddy, as in laughing, smiling nonstop, excited, doing a jig and just basically happy.

Jolly: No, not Santa, though he is certainly jolly. Babies or toddlers with rosy pink chubby cheeks who have conversations only they understand, then they laugh as if they told the best joke ever...are jolly.

My Cup of Tea: Yes, I drink tea, but I also use the phrase "It's not my cup of tea." I think I've always use this phrase;at least as long as I can remember. "Books on quantum physics are not my cup of tea, but give me a story with an alpha werewolf any day."

Tomfoolery: *snicker* Who doesn't love this word?

Shenanigans: Use it in a sentence and smile.

Dastardly: What does this word make you think of? I always think of a bad guy that ties the damsel in distress to the railroad tracks.

Dubious: When you have teens this word can apply to many things such as lame excuses, reasons homework wasn't done etc.

I love words:)



Alexia561 said...

Great post! Giddy is a wonderful word! So descriptive! And I use "not my cup of tea" in my reviews sometimes. So please let your kids know that yes, people really do speak that way! :)

Words are wonderful!

Brenda Hyde said...

Thanks:) It's nice to know I'm not the only one. When I was writing the short story that I just sold I had a line in there were the young man met a friend who's quite a bit older and kind of crazy. I had him saying "Angus, you old dog," and laughing. My 16 year old had a fit-- said that was the dumbest line he'd every heard. I took it out because I was on deadline and didn't have time to get another opinion. I thought it was funny!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

*smiling* Some of these we use as well. :) Its always fun with these words. I haven't used Dasterdly in years. I just might have to add it to the list here in the next day or two. :)

Thanks! Cool words.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Love them Brenda. I always think of the cartoon, The Wacky Races with Dick Dastardly and Muttley. :))