Wednesday, October 14, 2009

World Building: Vampires 101

I'm sitting here roaming around ebay for books and eating soup at the same time. Usually as I multi-task the ideas start popping in my head. If I don't get them written down, they disappear into that foggy area known as my brain. I know I need to outline my world with every detail. I've seen how fans of an author's world expect details. As writer I want readers to keep me on my toes. This is the first of many posts where I will ask myself questions on a world building aspect. Feel free to discuss, tell me you love or hate what I've mentioned, or add more questions I can consider.

I know it feels like everyone and their Cousin Billy Ray has written about vampires, but I can't imagine writing a book without including them in one way or another. Here are the questions my mind is asking:

Can vampires read minds and/or control humans?
Do they have souls?
Are they all evil or are there degrees as with humans?
Do they regain youth or come to a stand still from when they are changed?
How are they changed over or are they born a vampire?
Can they conceive? With who?
Do they only drink blood? Human, animal, vampire?
Can humans drink from them?
Do they all have the same strengths? What are they?
Do they have the same weaknesses? What are they?
Are they all beautiful and flawless?
Is their population wide spread in my world or is it limited in numbers?
Does the general public know of their existence?
Are all vampires wealthy?
Are there male and female vampires?
Do they die in sunlight or what effect does it have?
What did they come from? Otherworldly, infection, genes, etc.
Are they all intelligent?
Do they sparkle? (Just kidding!)
Do they have a leader? Or a group/council that leads?

These questions have already led me to some good ideas. Do you have any questions to add to the list?