Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Been a Good Day...

Today I received two awards today; which are the first ones I've received. Two in one day makes for a good day folks. The first one is the Blog With Bite Top Reviewer Award. I'm so pumped about this because the book review I wrote was my first one with them, the first one on this blog and it was for Covet by J.R. Ward, which I loved. I'm taking this as a sign that I should get in gear and start writing reviews for all the books I've read since Covet!

The second award was giving to me by Book Whisperer. You can visit her blog here: She gave me The Honest Scrap Award, which is for those bloggers who write from the heart. The rules: pass it along to seven bloggers and then list 10 honest things about yourself. Thank you SO much for giving me this award!

Let's do my list first because I'm a list person:

1. I'm turning 50 this summer, and a part of me really hates that I will be that old. I don't feel old, but 50 seems more traumatic for me than 30 or 40 did.

2. I would rather read than watch television.

3. I own boxed DVD sets of ALL seasons of: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly.

4. I buy wine based on how cool the bottle looks

5. I hate reality television. ALL reality TV, even American Idol. Sorry folks:(

6. I don't like talking on the phone or texting. I'd rather email.

7. I like space around me. A lot of space. We have ten acres, and most of it is straight back from my deck sliders. I used to feel closed in when we lived in the city. Here, just knowing I have ten acres of my own space makes me feel less stressed.

8. I love wearing my husband's t-shirts after they are all worn and comfortable. I'm wearing his black AC/DC tee right now.

9. I love books. Old books, new books... I have a 6 foot tall monster of a bookshelf of garden and herb books, plus another large book shelf of fiction that I'm currently reading or going to read. Then there are the plastic tubs in the basement with more books. Yes, I'm addicted.

10. When I was a new writer on my college internship I LOVED doing feature articles for the small town newspaper I worked at. Once I interviewed the president of the local La Leche League (back in 1981) and I quoted her as saying "You can't prop a breast!". This freaked out my family and they still make fun of me when it comes up. I thought it was funny, and still do:)

It's so hard for me to pick winners of awards, and I'm suppose to pick seven. Instead, I would be thrilled to offer it to any of my commenters who have blogs and haven't received this award yet. It would help me get to know you better, and you DO touch my heart just by leaving a comment for me.