Sunday, May 16, 2010

The World of Red Rock Pass & Moira Rogers

Sanctuary (Red Rock Pass)
#1 Cry Sanctuary
#2 Sanctuary Lost
Author: Moira Rogers
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Available in Print or e-book

I requested Sanctuary for review to start off the series, so I'll review the two books within that edition first. Cry Sanctuary starts off with a bang as tough werewolf Keith Winston is sent to pick up two werewolves who have escaped a sadistic alpha to ask for sanctuary at Red Rock Pass. He's returned from fighting in a war between werewolves and wizards in Europe and is ready for a break from the mayhem. Abby, and her friend Dylan need more than just sanctuary. Abby was turned into a wolf but has never been taught how to handle the new life she was forced into. Dylan has been living in fear for ten years under the alpha who turned her, but knew he had to get her out no matter what the consequences.

The first book was an introduction for me to the Red Rock Pass world and it's characters. I love were fantasy, and dived right into this first novella. The characters grew on me the farther I got into the book. The wolves are tough, but they are fair and protective of those who need it. Keith goes out of his way to make sure Abby knows what she is getting into and though I loved the gentleman in him, I also wanted to smack him and force him get with the program. I certainly could see she needed him, why couldn't he? Yes, I was a little bit wrapped up in the book.

I wasn't sure if the series would focus more on the romance or if there would be some adventure and action. The authors gave the reader just enough of both. The action was fast paced and exciting. The romance was steamy and fit in with the story. I loved the first book, and read the second one immediately.

Sanctuary Lost is a continuation of the first book, but focused more on Abby's sister Brynn. However, we also get to know Abby and Keith better, and the other characters in the Red Rock Pass world. I don't want to give spoilers to the first book so I can't say too much about the plot, except that I thought this second book really brought the world and the characters alive for me. It sucked me in further to where I couldn't wait to finish because I knew there were more books waiting for me in the series.

I thought I'd take a minute and talk a little bit about the males in the first two books. They are sexy, but a little on the rough side. Intelligent, but men of action, rather than words. They are loyal, passionate, and they talk A LOT during sex. A lot. After I got used to it, I thought it was rather endearing and sexy. I've been married 20 years, and for 15 of those we've had kids. Talking is usually not an option when kids are in the house, at night, when it's quiet, and they are sleeping... if you have kids I know you are picking up my meaning. Ahem...back to the book...I loved the males of Red Rock Pass. Joe, who we get to know in the second book, is former military and likes to blow things up. He's cocky, sarcastic and one of my favorite characters.

I finished Sanctuary, and it left me wanting more. The first thing I did was go to the authors' website and download the two free short stories in the Red Rock Pass series. You can find them here.

Becoming (Red Rock Pass #0) takes place 40 years before the first Sanctuary novella. It's the story of Samantha and Gavin when they first meet. I recommend you read this AFTER the first two books like I did because you get to know the older Sam and Gavin first and can appreciate their back story SO much more. I loved the insight into their characters. Oh, and we also meet a very young Keith, which was so cool.

The Little Things (Red Rock Pass #1.5) is a two part story. The first part takes place 40 years ago as Gavin and Samantha continue to get to know each other with little Keith's help. The second part is a sweet story of the lesson Keith learned so long ago from Gavin as he settles in with Abby.

I loved both of these stories and highly recommend they are read between books 2 and 3 in the series.

Sanctuary's Price
(Red Rock Pass #3)

This weekend I bought Sanctuary's Price, Book 3 in the series, and it was outstanding. I'd gotten to know Dylan, and later Sasha, in the other books. Perhaps I enjoyed this book so much because I felt as if I knew both characters and wanted good things to happen for them. Whatever the reason, I think this is my favorite book in the series.

Dylan has lived from day to day, only thinking of survival for ten years since he was turned into a werewolf. He doesn't consider himself strong or brave like so many people have claimed he is. Sasha watched her mentor die, and has been frightened since that day, never knowing if she would be next. Dylan is one of the only people she feels safe with, but they are both so broken, they may not be able to get past their trauma.

Not everyone in a werewolf pack can be an alpha, or an enforcer, but that doesn't mean they don't have a place or a purpose. I loved that the authors examined this idea through Dylan and Sasha's story. Dylan is smart, loyal and sexy. Sasha is compassionate and much stronger than she realizes. I loved the interaction between them romantically, and as they fought for each other and their friends.

We get to see more of Brynn and Joe in this book, which I really enjoyed. The book also introduces a couple of new characters, including a smart ass vampire who's been hiding out in the woods for a very long time. His story is next, and I already have the book preordered. Sanctuary Unbound, Book 4, comes out June 1st, 2010.

Moira Rogers is actually a pen name for Bree and Donna, two friends and co-writers who live in the Deep South. I think their books reflect a Southern kind of charm, wit and humor. I truly enjoy their style of writing, and will continue to read, not just the Red Rock Pass books, but their other series as well.

If you enjoy Patrica Briggs I think you will enjoy the Sanctuary series. Yes, it has more sex, but it also has alpha wolves, strong female heroines, magic, kick butt fight scenes and characters that keep the reader coming back for more. You can visit the authors at