Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Photo Journey of the Last Nine Months

I basically took a hiatus from writing to get over various anxieties, burn out and then I decided to enjoy the summer.  I think the pictures and their captions will give you an idea of what has been happening:)

The winter was bitter cold and very snowy, even for Michigan, but it was worth it watching my grandson Jace and my daughter, his Aunt Emily (MeMe) play in the snow for the first time. His dad and grandpa were off to the side laughing with us.  

When we weren't cuddling under blankets, we were reading,watching television, playing and laughing.

The long awaited spring finally arrived and we started working on a new herb bed and a small garden plot. Jace tried to be helpful to grandpa but mostly he thought we were playing.  

Late spring and early summer brought flowers, which was one of the first words Jace learned besides Mama and Dad, and something sounding like Grandma (I'm sure of it!).  It's been a long time since I had a little one around to show nature to, and it is as wonderful as I remember it being with my sons and daughter. 

My daughter Emily went to her first semi-formal dance, which also marked the end of middle school.  She turned 14 in February and I'm constantly amazed at her sense of style, her creativity and her intelligence. She reads almost as much as I do, and she reads at a level higher than many adults.  I am, however, in denial that she started high school in September.  

We learned that Jace may like cake, but he doesn't like everyone singing Happy Birthday, whether it's for him or his dad. 

In February Chuck and I celebrated our 25th anniversary with a night out alone, which doesn't happen too often. In July our children threw us a cool party with friends and family with the help of my husband's parents.  They did a great job, and my sister-in-law cooked the food, which was amazing. It was Hawaiian themed, hence the flower in my hair, the shirts and the lei.

In 25 years we've lost friends and family, I gave birth three times to our amazing kids who are now 21, 20 and 14, and we made good friends along the way.  We lived in the city for ten years in a 90 year old home, then moved to the country where we've been for 10 more.  Our grandson was born, and we watched our middle son become a parent while struggling to find his way in the world. I'm so proud of the changes he has made, and the father he has become. It's been a roller coaster, but I wouldn't change a thing.

This summer has shown me that love and laughter keep a family together, while soothing the soul. I'm especially happy that after 25 years my husband and I still "do it" for each other:)