Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kindle Review: Beyond the Darkening

Beyond the Darkening
Author: Kerry Allen
Format: Kindle Edition
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SUMMARY: Amanda Tessler infiltrated the Society for the Preservation of Humanity to gather information to aid the “monsters” the organization seeks to cleanse from the earth. Her orders are to maintain her cover at any cost, but when the vampire she once loved is delivered to the facility, starved, blinded, and slated for further suffering in her lab, clinical detachment fails her.

I bought Beyond the Darkening on Amazon for my Kindle for less than a dollar. It's a gritty, unique look at a world where humans are aware of vampires, and some, like the Society for the Preservation of Humanity, want to wipe them off the face of the earth. Vampires are captured, experimented on and murdered as if they were lab rats. The main character, Amanda, agrees to go undercover after suffering heartbreak and betrayal. After years of building her cover, the very vampire that broke her heart ends up needing her help.

I loved this fast paced read for its originality, witty banter and romance amidst the gritty action. Beyond the Darkening is the first book in a trilogy that I'm really looking forward to reading in its entirety. The groundwork laid in this book will make for a fascinating trilogy.

Amanda may have been heartbroken when she last saw Nate, but she's not a pushover. She's smart, tough and protective of those she loves, even if they haven't earned it. I love that she's stubborn, and will risk everything to do what she feel is right. Nate is the classic, misunderstood tough guy, who put in a position of trusting someone he thought betrayed him.

Beyond the Darkening is a great read, and I hope the author comes through with the trilogy. You can read an excerpt here, plus I was excited to find a sneak peak of Beyond the Burning Moon, which is the follow up story. You can read that chapter here.