Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where I Write, Review & Tweet

Last weekend I grabbed my kids and made them help me transform a corner of the dining room area into a work space. That is my free purple desk with my trusty laptop and my Kindle. On the desk I have the books I'm reading for blog tours, various moons I've collected, a wax melt burner (lavender vanilla is the current scent) and flowers from my husband. I put up a cork board to hold a calendar, assorted swag from cool people, notes and a Mother's Day card from my daughter. I have more things to add to the board this week.

To the right is my To Be Read Bookshelf. That isn't all the books because I have some fantasy and science fiction in my bedroom as well, but let's not go there. The bottom part of the shelf with the doors is where I'm keeping the books for my Summer Reading Give-Away, which has yet to be named. It will start July 1st after our family vacation to Florida in June. I'm excited because I have some really cool books to share with everyone.

Lastly, on the top of the bookshelf is my miniature fairy tea set and a tea for two set from j. willfred. It's one of my favorites. I bought it when my daughter was small and we started having tea parties. I've been collecting tea sets in all sizes and patterns for about ten years now, maybe a little longer. I've written articles on afternoon tea traditions, children's tea parties, herbal tea and Irish tea time over the years.

I thought you all might enjoy a peek at my writing space, especially now that I've revamped it.


Action & Romance from Kait Nolan

Forsaken By Shadow
First in the Mirus series
Author: Kait Nolan
Novella, Kindle Edition
Publisher: Smashwords, Inc.
Author's Website

Summary: Banished from their world with his memory wiped, Cade Shepherd doesn’t remember his life as Gage Dempsey, nor the woman he nearly died for. But when Embry Hollister’s father is kidnapped by military scientists, the only one she can turn to is the love from her past. Will Gage remember the Shadow Walker skills he learned from her father? If they survive, will Embry be able to walk away again?

I bought Forsaken by Shadow because I'd been following the author on Twitter, and thought it sounded like an interesting read. I wasn't disappointed in Kait Nolan's urban fantasy novella. It's the first in her Mirus series, which I hope to see more of very soon. I love her writing. Her heroine is strong, compassionate, and has some mad fighting skills. The hero, Gage, is equally as interesting and passionate. The group of paranormal characters we are introduced to in this first book make me want her to finish the second book in record time. Ms. Nolan has given readers an awesome mix of romance, magic and adventure in her first book.

The action scenes in Forsaken by Shadow are gripping and fast paced. They had me holding my breath for the characters as they fought for survival. More importantly, Ms. Nolan had me WANTING them all to live and be safe. She has a talent for involving the reader in the lives of her characters, even though we've just met them. She makes us care about them, and the outcome of their struggles.

Forsaken by Shadow is a paranormal romance but also an urban fantasy. Kait Nolan has created a world that is fascinating, magical and dangerous. If you enjoy Jennifer Rardin, Shannon K. Butcher, or Devon Monk you'll really enjoy Forsaken by Shadow.

You can find the novella at Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.