Monday, May 10, 2010

Terry Goodkind & The Sword of Truth

I was catching up on my emails today and the Tor newsletter came in. It seems Terry Goodkind has returned to the company for a three book deal. This is VERY good news! Here is the scoop from Tor:

New York, NY – Monday, April 19, 2010Tor Books is proud to announce the return of New York Times bestselling author Terry Goodkind to their list. The first book in the 3-book deal will be a new Richard and Kahlan novel, due in early 2011. Richard and Kahlan are the principle characters from his previous New York Times bestselling books.

Have you read the Sword of Truth books? I've read and own all 12 books in the series, and it's hands down one of the most awesome fantasy series I've ever read. It's not just a story about Richard and Kahlan, though it is in essence their story, it's a story of hope, loss and victory. Terry Goodkind takes the reader to some very dark places where his characters face death, torture, betrayal and more. I'm not sure how to explain the series because it's so complex, for lack of a better word. Let me try to make a list of the things that stood out to me as a reader:

Love: Richard and Kahlan's love story is heart wrenching, romantic, steamy, and intense. Their love is a power in itself.

Action: The action scenes in the series are kick-ass, take no prisoners fights that involve swords, knives, magical weapons and magic.

The Bad Guys: Darken Rahl is only the beginning, and he is a baby in the evil department compared to the next bad guy. We are talking serious, dark, evil that can never be redeemed.

The Pace: The books are fast paced, especially for an epic fantasy series with so much going on. There will be no skimming of pages in this series. None.

There are so many thought provoking themes in this series. Should each individual make their own decisions, or are there those who have the wisdom to make them for us? Do we blindly follow those who are in authority, or do we question, and follow our own heart? Are people worth redeeming? Can love conquer evil? The themes actually go much deeper than this, but this gives you an idea.

These are the book in the Sword of Truth Series and they should be read in order. The only exception is the Debt of Bones, which is a prequel featuring Zedd as a young man. To really enjoy this novella you need to get to know Zedd first so you can appreciate him as a young man.

Sword of Truth Series
Debt of Bones (2001)(Zedd prequel)
1. Wizard's First Rule (1994)
2. Stone of Tears (1995)
3. Blood of the Fold (1996)
4. Temple of the Winds (1997)
5. Soul of the Fire (1999)
6. Faith of the Fallen (2000)
7. The Pillars of Creation (2001)
8. Naked Empire (2003)
9. Chainfire (2005)
10. Phantom (2006)
11. Confessor (2007)

The Legend of the Seeker series is currently in the midst of season two, and is slated to be cancelled. The fans have rallied and are attempting to keep it on the air, hoping someone else will pick it up or the network will change their mind. The fan forum and website, Legend of the has a special section with updates, and things fans can do to express their feelings about the show. Visit The Renewal Warwagon to find out more.

I love the television series, but I think of it more as Cliffs Notes for the books. The characters are JUST as I picture them in my mind, except for Zedd, who I thought would be shorter:) To see the book come alive on the screen is exciting, even with the changes made to the story. Mostly the changes seem to be made so the main characters don't have to be separated, other than for short periods of time. In the books, they go long stretches where they are in different locations for various reasons. Still, I would love to see the series continue as long as Hercules or Xena did when they were in syndication.

If you haven't read the books, please grab the first one,Wizard's First Rule, and read the story of Kahlan, Richard and Zedd from the beginning. You won't be sorry.