Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Winner of Our Lovely Fish Is...

What? You didn't know we were giving away a fish? Really? Hmmm....

*snicker* Okay, I had to do something for April Fool's Day. You caught me, there is no fish. Instead I drew a winner for the mass market copy of Demon Possessed by Stacia Kane. The handy Random Number Generator came up with Number 8:

Bookie who said:

My minions need to be big and strong and know how to cook. Sexy and can whip up a meal. Perfect!

I've emailed Bookie and will send her address to the publisher. Thanks to everyone who entered and left their comments expressing what type of minions they would like if they could have them. I didn't give my answer so I will now:

If I could have minions I would make them fairly small and fast so they could clean house, do laundry and catch my cats in the act of peeing, transporting them to the litter box before the pee hits the floor. Wouldn't that be lovely?