Friday, August 6, 2010

We Dance With Our Contest Winners

The handy random number generator has chosen the three winners of our blog tour contests. Thank you all so much for entering and sharing your thoughts. Below are the lucky peeps:

#2 Tyler Felty said...
Perfection is overrated. To have a good story, you need flaws in your character, which is what attracts me to spiderman so much. The writers spent all their time creating flaws in the character to present the best story they could produce on how to fix said flaws.

Captured by Moonlight
#1 Robin K said...
I most definitely love a little romance with my thrill. Pure horror stories do not hold my interest as well. Though I loved them before I started reading paranormal and found out what I was missing. :)

Beyond Exile
#15 Bethie said...
I like my zombies with a little bit of humor. If they are a tad scary too, thats OK.

Enjoy:) ~Moonsanity