Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Home, Home on the Range...

So, is anyone else watching the AMC show Hell on Wheels? You should be. I'll admit it started out a might slow but damn, has it made up for it. First we have Anson Mount playing the role of Cullen Bohannan, a man trying to seek revenge on the men who raped and killed his wife, and son:

Dominique McElligot plays Lily Bell, a woman traveling with her husband who worked for the railroad. Lily may not be used to the rough life of the railroad camp, but she's determined to make a life for herself after her husband's death.

Lily and Cullen are brought together when he finds her wounded and in need of help. He brings her back to the railroad camp and is surprised when she decides to stay rather than go back home. Their chemistry is amazing, and I patiently waited to see what would happen between the two of them. The last of episode of the first season aired on Sunday and I have rarely seen such intense chemistry between two people on screen. I can't wait to see what happens in season two.

If you haven't seen Hell on Wheels, try to catch the repeats on AMC before season two begins. It's a gritty and realistic historical drama. I hope we see more of this type of television show.