Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Goodies For Readers

It's Halloween week, and for fans of Paranormal fiction there are a lot of goodies out there for the taking.

The first one I found today and just finished reading. It's a cool little short story from Christina Dodd. This story takes place after the last Darkness Chosen book, Into the Flame. IF you haven't read all four books you'll want to save the short story until you do because it has spoilers. You can read it here: http://www.christinadodd.com/paranormal_scene_wilder.html

Writerspace is hosting the 2009 Halloween Mash Chat. It's on Wednesday, October 28th from 8 pm to 11 pm Eastern Time in the Writerspace Readers Chat Room. You can register here: http://www.writerspace.com/halloween/. They have authors galore and prizes too!

Kim Harrison is throwing her Annual Halloween Costume Contest! Category winners received a signed cover flat of a Hollows book. Grand prize winner is pulled from the category winners, and will receive a signed ARC of BLACK MAGIC SANCTION. All the details on entering are here: http://www.kimharrison.net/Halloween09.htm Isn't that fun?

VampChix are having a Vamp Bash this week! It's a scavenger hunt with author interviews and prizes through Friday the 30th. Vamp fun for all:) It's here:http://vampchix.blogspot.com/ (I'm multi-tasking and doing their hunt as I type this. *snicker*)