Thursday, July 21, 2011

Feast Winner & Summer Update!

The winner of our contest for the Feast Prize Package is:

#13 which was Renee Rearden! I'm emailing her and Merry right now. Thanks to everyone for commenting:)

Sorry for the delay in choosing a winner. Last week we were getting ready for my 18 year old son's graduation open house. I managed to get a virus, so that sucked, but the open house was cool. We used facebook and connected with one of his all time favorite teachers from elementary. Mr. Noel taught both of my sons in 1st Grade, then he made the change to 4th Grade, and taught them again. He was an amazing teacher, and made learning so cool for all of the kids. He's a principal at a charter school now, and I loved that he not only showed up for Chuck's open house, but he stayed and visited with all of us!

This summer has been a crazy roller coaster of emotions:)