Monday, September 27, 2010

Review & New Release: On the Edge

On the Edge
The Edge, Book 1
Author: Ilona Andrews
Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Ace
Released: 9/29/09
Available in paperback & Kindle edition from Amazon.

Summary: The Broken is a place where people shop at Wal-Mart and magic is nothing more than a fairy tale. The Weird is a realm where blueblood aristocrats rule and the strength of your magic can change your destiny.

Rose Drayton lives on the Edge, the place between both worlds. A perilous existence indeed, made even more so by a flood of magic-hungry creatures bent on absolute destruction.

I love Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels novels, and at first I thought it would be difficult to wrap my head around a completely different world that was unrelated to Kate and Curran. It only took me the first TWO pages to get rid of that worry. On the Edge starts out with an introduction to Rose, Georgie, Jack and Grandpa that blew away any thoughts I had of Kate's world. In some ways this series is lighter, perhaps less intense. It's a must read for any fans of Ilona Andrews.

Rose, the heroine, is a truly wonderful and complex character. I loved her strength, her wit, her intelligence and the way she protected her family above all else. Declan, our hero, is not a white knight riding in to save the day, though he may actually imagine himself that way. He's pushy, overprotective and at times, a snob. Together, he and Rose, figure out what needs to be done to save her family and friends. It's not easy, and lessons do not come easily for either of them, but it makes for one kick ass story that kept me reading until I had gotten to that last page. I also have to mention that Rose's brothers are funny, touching, and brave. You will fall in love with them, just like I did.

On the Edge is a fast paced paranormal romance, but it also has elements of fantasy that reminds me of Simon Green's Forest Kingdom series, Stan Nicholls' Quicksilver series and books by Tad Williams. I recommend it to fans of paranormal romance but also those who love fantasy.
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The second book in The Edge series is coming out this week on Tuesday, September 28th. It's going to be an awesome read as we learn more about this fascinating world. This is the blurb for Bayou Moon from the author's website:

Cerise Mar and her unruly clan are cash poor but land rich, claiming a large swathe of the Mire, the Edge swamplands between the state of Louisiana and the Weird. When her parents vanish, her clan’s long-time rivals are suspect number one.

But all is not as it seems. Two nations of the Weird are waging a cold war fought by feint and espionage, and their conflict is about to spill over into the Edge—and Cerise’s life . William, a changeling soldier who left behind the politics of the Weird, has been forced back into service to track down a rival nation’s spymaster.

When William’s and Cerise’s missions lead them to cross paths, sparks fly—but they’ll have to work together if they want to succeed…and survive.

Bayou Moon is available in paperback and for the Kindle from Amazon. You can also learn more about The Edge on the author's website: