Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Male Goodness in Honor of Donna's Birthday

Today is Donna's Birthday. Donna who you ask? She is half of the brilliant author Moira Rogers who weaves tales of werewolves, magic and the supernaturaland. Bree, her partner in writing, asked her fans and friends to post pictures for her today. It just so happens that she loves the same men I do. Isn't that cool? But before I get to those pictures, I have one I took myself. Our town has a fall festival each year and this year it featured a lumberjack show. For those of who who have read Sanctuary's Price and Sanctuary Unbound, Red Rock Pass 3 & 4, you'll recall the awesome vampire Adam Dubois, a former lumberjack. I will never look at lumberjacks the same since reading those two stories:) I took this picture of a real lumberjack, showing off his stuff:

Now, I hear Donna loves these three actors, and I must say she has excellant taste. I will use ANY excuse to post pictures of these guys, but I think her birthday is a pretty dang good one. First we have Ryan Reynolds. Yeah, 'nuff said.

Next we have James McAvoy, whom I also love. He was SO good in Penelope, and in Wanted, plus he's Scottish, my friends... sigh.

Next we have Jeffrey Dean Morgan of Supernatural. Seriously though, he was awesome and sexy in The Losers. Awesome.

So, there we have today's Male Goodness in honor of Donna. I hope your birthday is very special. Eat some cake for me:) Give her a yell over at the Moira Rogers Blog here: http://moirarogers.com/blog/archives/2995

Happy Birthday!