Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Series Review: Otherkin by Eve Silver

Otherkin Series
Author: Eve Silver
Publisher:HQN Books
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Otherkin Books in Order:
Sin's Daughter (7/2010-prequel e-book)
Sins of the Heart (8/2010)
Sins of the Soul (9/2010)
Sins of the Flesh (10/1/2010)
Body of Sin (book 4) June 2011
Book 5 Fall 2011 -

I won the first book in the Otherkin series, and as soon as I finished it I asked for a review copy of the second and third book. This series is fast paced, steamy, passionate and fascinating. It's set in a world where the Egyptian gods each have their own domains in The Underworld, unable to physically manifest themselves in our world (Topside), so they use both minions and sometimes offspring to do their bidding.

Each book revolves around a soul reaper, sons of Sutekh. Each reaper has come from a different background before joining their father in the Underworld. Each has their own issues and scars from their past. They conquered their fear of Sutekh by learning to depend on each other. One has been murdered, but if they find him soon enough they believe they can bring him back to life. This becomes their number one priority.

The heroines in this series are tough, cynical and can take care of themselves which makes for some great banter, kick ass fight scenes and steamy romance. Though each book focuses on one brother, and one of the heroines, there is still interaction between all of them as the series continues. The heroines don't disappear into a mansion or compound, rarely heard from again. They are right there beside their mates, working with them and sometimes on their own. I loved all of them, but especially found Calliope fascinating with her dry humor and stoic mannerisms. Strong and tough personalities abound in the Otherkin series, as mysteries are investigated and traitors are found.

The series has many fascinating elements revolving around trust issues, loyalty and intrigue among the gods, as well as their servants and offspring. It's dark, gritty and at times quite graphic because of the nature of the gods. The soul reapers are the ultimate alpha males, but the heroines aren't damsels in distress by a long shot. Let's just say the sexual tension, and the sex, is intense and passionate, but not over the top. All three couples are unique in their relationships, and I loved the interaction between them.

The mystery of a soul reapers death continues through all three books as traitors are revealed, clues discovered and loyalties are questioned. The third book in the series wraps up some of the intrigue, but ends with a bang, leaving the reader satisfied to a certain extent but wanting more of the Krayl brothers and their mates, which we will get in June with the next release. I, for one, cannot wait.

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Fans of Jessica Andersen, Larissa Ione and Devon Monk will enjoy the Otherkin series. Learn more about it at Eve Silver's website: .

Friday, October 1st is the release day for the third book in the series, Sins of the Flesh! Be sure to visit the author at her blog for contests and more fun: