Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Young Author Writes of Zombies

My daughter won the Young Author award again this year, but her subject matter changed drastically. Last year she wrote an essay on the care of cats, which was nonfiction. This year in 5th grade she decided to go the fiction route with a story entitled Zombie High School. No, I did not help her with the theme choice. I seriously did not know what she was writing until it was almost finished. Here is a little bit of her story:

"AJ!" I replied without looking. "How was your trip to your aunt's vacation crypt?" she asked.

I was about to answer when a group of cheerleaders passed by. I hoped more than anything the cheerleaders were better than middle school and that they were nice. They walked up to us, what looked like the head cheerleader said "Ewww FREAAKSS!" She admired her stupidly perfect nails. How does she keep them from rotting?

I looked at my brown, mushy, decaying fingers. My nails were dirty and cracked. I sighed, for once I wanted to be...well to be pretty. "Hey AJ, " I whispered, "when was the last time we got pedicures?" AJ thought for a minute, "well, 1,000, 2,000, well we got that one thing but it wasn't a pedicure." she mumbled.

"5,000 years, " she whispered back. I sighed again.

This is Emily and SHE is not a zombie:

She came home the other day smiling because some of her classmates asked if she was working on a sequel. I think a writer has been born:)