Sunday, November 21, 2010

Winners and How I Wish...

I wish I had multiples of myself this month so I could write my NaNo Novel AND write the reviews and my nonfiction, handle the teen drama at our house, cook, clean and do laundry. It would be wonderful to assign each of the "me" clones to a different task. Alas, there is only me, so that's why I'm late on announcing winners. I did email all of the winners but the last one, which I'll do today, and forwarded their names to the publishing company. I also have three packages to mail out from October, and promise to do that soon if the planets all align and my bank account doesn't empty out:)

The good news is I'm over 30,000 words on A Twist of Destiny, my NaNo novel. I have 20,000 words to write in ten days, and it's in my head:) Thanks for the patience everyone.

Ecstasy in Darkness
My 5 Monkeys(Julie
) said...
I love snarky banter between characters. It makes book fun. Haven't read this series yet.

Rise Again
Stephmartin71 said...
Since I work in a lab and my specialty just happens to be in firearms ;) I would have to choose Dillingers-Tommy gun. It's a Colt Thompson submachine gun. It fires 45 ACP ammunition w/a 100 round drum magazine, I would have to have alot of these in a bag filled to capacity though;) & it can effectivly shoot a target @ around 160 feet. It weighs approx 10-11 lbs fully loaded. (close to the weight of a gallon of milk) It is also a fully automatic rifle that doesn't need you to continually pull the trigger to shoot ;D

(By the way, my teens are now in love with Stephanie after reading her awesome comment! I think they just want to be around her in case of a Zombie Uprising!)

*yadkny* said...
Hi Merrie! I think I would like an extra shot at life, but then I guess it depends on if I have any regrets or if I was happy with how I lived. If I have any regrets I would hope to remember them so I don't make my second chance a waste. Great review!

Blood Trinity:
Timothy said...
Old Dan and Little Ann, they Redbone Coonhounds from the book "Where the Red Fern Grows" they story always brought a tear to my eyes every time I've read it.

WOW: The Shattered
Tore said...
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