Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Primal Heat Review & Giveaway

Primal Heat
By Donna Grant
Kindle Edition
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Released 9/27/2011
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SUMMARY: Being an American in Britain isn’t easy. For Krista, its downright hard especially when she’s plagued by erotic dreams that increase as Halloween approaches. So when she’s given a dare by her co-workers to pluck a rose from the most haunted house in Cardiff, she agrees never thinking it would be more than a scare tactic.

As a Tracker, all Orrin wants to do is capture the Were’s before they feed off the people of Cardiff, but when he lands on Earth and discovers the woman he’s been sharing dreams with is there, he can’t help but find her. All he plans to do is talk, but the lust that flares between them leaves no room for talking.
But the Were’s have come for more than food. They’ve come for Krista, to claim her as the mate to their leader. To resist their seduction is futile. Unless a Tracker is involved.

I really enjoyed this unique take on werewolves with it's Halloween themed suspense, and steamy romance. Krista disrupts her entire life in search of something she doesn't understand. All she knows is something or someone is pulling her towards Cardiff, but when she gets there she struggles to fit in with her coworkers. They challenge her to steal a rose from a haunted house and the story takes place during the night of Halloween. I found myself relating to Krista since I too had moved to a city years ago and struggled to fit in with coworkers. Orrin is protective, tough, sexy and he kicks werewolf butt in his job as a Tracker. I loved the chemistry between them, and was on the edge of my seat as the night progressed, and events unfolded.

Primal Heat is a fast paced sexy read that's perfect entertainment for a cold, windy day when you can take the time to brew a cup of tea and escape for an afternoon with a steamy romantic adventure.

Read an excerpt and learn more about Primal Heat on Donna's website here:

Donna has graciously offered to give away an e-book to one of our commenters.

The winner may choose from Highland Fires, Highland Magic, Dragonfyre, Mesmerized, or Forever Love. They are all excellant choices.

Please leave a comment answering our question with your email, and I will randomly choose a winner on Monday, October 17th, 2011.

QUESTION: If you had to choose between Highlanders, Werewolves or a sexy, space traveling hunk, which would you choose?