Wednesday, March 10, 2010

E-Book Review: My Love Eternal

By Liz Strange
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc.
Digital Publication Date:
March 15, 2010
Print Publication Date:
July 1, 2010
Excerpt Here

Summary: Tall, dark, and sexy, as well as fabulously wealthy, Giovanni is everything a girl could ask for in a lover. There’s only one catch. He’s been undead for more than three hundred years. When Rachel is drawn into Giovanni’s world, she learns that the rules of human existence mean nothing in the world of vampires. This, however, is a fair price to pay for a love that will last forever.

Hunted by the Desmarais family, who carry a centuries-old vendetta, Rachel and Giovanni travel to the ends of the earth in order to stay one step ahead. Can their love survive, or will their eternity together end?

I'd been following Liz Strange on Twitter, when she asked for reviewers for her new book, so I took her up on it. For those who wonder as I did, yes, Liz Strange is her real name. Liz writes about vampires. Her vamps don't sparkle, though they are pretty. Her vampires aren't "vegetarian". They are self-proclaimed monsters, but they do have emotions and they love as passionately as they kill.

Ms. Strange's writing is beautiful in My Love Eternal. She takes us to places that are exotic, romantic, and often dangerous. Through the eyes of Rachel, the main character, we learn how vampires live, how they love, and how they survive. Our journey with Rachel starts before she meets her first vampire. This part of the book was especially fascinating as she figured out what was happening to her. I was reminded of an epic Gothic romance, but in a contemporary setting.

I will admit that this was a very different read for me, and I wasn't sure the author could keep my attention, because I tend to read fast paced urban fantasy and it had been awhile since I read the epic fantasy I've read in the past. I was wrong. I found myself swept away with the character's emotions, and the intensity of their love. I don't want to give away any of the plot which had many surprises, but this is a story with tragedy, hope, need, love, lust, anger, fear and regret. The author shares many details of a vampires life that are often left to our imagination. How do they retain wealth? How do vampires protect themselves? Do they feel emotion as humans do?

I should warn readers that I consider My Love Eternal a dark paranormal romance. There are some very graphic scenes, one involving rape, as well as a few very erotic scenes, but they are done tastefully. The darkness is justified in my opinion because the characters are true vampires in the traditional sense. Though they do have strong emotions, the passion is in the context of their existence as predators, not humans.

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