Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reading on the Road: Day One

We left for Florida this morning around 8:30 after staying the night at my in laws, so we are officially "on the road". I figured out something very cool a couple of months ago. I've never been able to read a book while riding in a vehicle, but I discovered that reading my Kindle does NOT bother me! The last few weeks I've loaded it up with e-books to entertain me on our Road Trip. I thought it might be fun to blog each day on what I'm reading and the music we are listening to on our trip. My husband and I are in our van with Angry Teen and Psuedo Emo Teen. My in laws are in their car with my ten year old who has the back seat to herself and has proclaimed herself Princess of the Road. (This, by the way, is NOT a good thing.).

Today I started off Crux: Southern Arcana, Book 1 by Moira Rogers. I finished it somewhere in Kentucky (our road trip started off in Michigan). I was able to read a lot today because until we got farther into Kentucky the scenery was much like Michigan. Tomorrow I'll watch out the window more often. Today though I was sucked into Moira Rogers world of Southern Arcana and loved it. If you all have not read this series, you need to because it's paranormal romance with fast paced action, amazing characters and steaminess that had me captivated. Seriously, the ride seemed SO much shorter while reading...amazing. I read about 5 chapters of the second book in the series, Crossroads, and so far it's just as good!

Road Trip Playlist for Today:

Self Titled Red Album

Foo Fighters:
Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

Led Zeppelin:
Early Days

My Chemical Romance:
Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

Good Charlotte:
Young & The Hopeless

Us & Them

A Day to Remember:
Since U Been Gone:
Awesome Cover Song & Video!
(Off Angry Teen's iPod Touch)

I'll try to post every day, or every couple of days depending on the connection, time, etc.