Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Teen's Tale #1: The Boy Who Forgot

Mike ran out the door after his brother Chuck on a dark, cold morning. They had almost missed the bus again, so they were running down the driveway before the driver slammed the door and drove off without them. Mike thought "Man, it is fricking dark out here. I can't see crap.". He tripped a couple more times, and finally sat down in his seat. As he sat there he realized it was quiet. It's NEVER quiet on the bus. What the hell was going on? He had his eyes closed because he was so tired. Finally he hears:

"Mike?" spoken softly by his brother Chuck.

"Yeah, what Chuck? I'm trying to nod off here, you know.", spit out Mike.

"Okay, but I have to ask you something. Where is your head?" he whispered.

"My head? What the hell are you talking about?" Mike yelled.

"You have no head. It's like it fell off your neck or something. Man, this is REALLY freaky." said Chuck.

Mike tried to open his eyes, and nothing happened. He tried again. Nothing. He slowly reached his hands up to where his head was suppose to be. Wait a fricking minute, he thought, "I was talking to Chuck wasn't I?"

"Chuck?" he whispered.

"Yeah, Mike, what?" he replied softly.

"You can hear me, so how I can be without a head?"

"Well, it's kind of weird, but I'm hearing you in my head."


He realized then that all he could hear was Chuck's "voice", but nothing else. No head. No Ears. No Head. No mouth. Damn, his mom was SO going to kill him.

"Mike, mom just called me and said I had to tell you something." whispered Chuck.

"Great. Was she mad?" questioned Mike.

"Well, she was actually giggling. But you know mom, she's always had a warped sense of humor.", Chuck answered.

Chuck snickered, but it had an edge of hysteria in it, as he told Mike:

"She wanted me to tell you, word for word that "I KNEW one day you would leave your head at home. Didn't I always tell you that you would forget your head if it wasn't attached? Now get your butt back home and let me attach your head to your body. Geesh, Michael, what am I going to do with you?"

Mike thought to himself, "Moms. Why do they always have to know everything? It really sucks."
Written by B. Hyde, inspired by her 15 year old.