Monday, August 27, 2012

Heroines Who Kick Butt

Heroines that kick butt, are intelligent, and show a compassionate side to their personalities are my favorite characters in the urban fantasy genre. Sometimes the heroine starts out as a bit of a loner, but then she comes to realize how important it is to ask for help when it's needed. This month I read two books with heroines that had me cheering for them and feeling their pain as they discovered who they could trust and what their place is in their world. 
The first kick butt gal is Arcadia Bell from the mind of Jenn Bennett in her book Summoning the Night. I love Arcadia because she's tough, independent, compassionate and she rolls with the punches. She's in a relationship with sexy Lon Butler, who comes with an energetic, smart and wiley son named Jupe. I loved the interaction between Cady and Jupe. His mother is vain and superficial, incapable of giving him any emotional support. He latches on to Cady, and becomes important to her too. They make a fun team when Lon isn't around, backing each other up in any situation. When Lon is around they become a family, which is a fragile circumstance for Cady, who was almost sacrificed by her own parents.

The second book in the series, Summoning the Night is a fast paced urban fantasy with romantic elements. The characters are rich, complex and often surprising. I highly recommend this series to fans of Ilona Andrews, Rob Thurman and Allison Pang.

I'm excited that there will be two new Arcadia Bell stories in the next year. Leashing the Tempest is a novella that takes place after the second book. It's a special Christmas story with Cady, Lon, Jupe and Kar Yee. In June of 2013 the third book, Binding the Shadows, will be released. I'm looking forward to not only Cady's adventures, but how the relationship between her, Lon and Jupe progresses. The books, including the future releases are as follows:

1. Kindling the Moon (2011)
2. Summoning the Night (2012)
2.5 Leashing the Tempest (December 2013)
3. Binding the Shadows (June 2013)

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The second urban fantasy with a kick butt heroine is written by Kelly Gay. Shadows Before the Sun is the fourth book in the Charlie Madigan series and I must say it's the best one yet. Charlie has been through some tough times in this series, but she keeps going because of her daughter, and the other people she loves.  In the first three books she's fought her feelings for her partner Hank for many reasons.  We were left hanging at the end of the third book due to his arrest by officials from his home world.  Will they act on their feelings? Will Charlie be able to bring Hank home? Readers will not be disappointed in the events of Shadows Before the Sun. We learn more about Charlie's powers and the changes she's going through and how loyal she is to those around her. On top of all that, she kicks butt emotionally and physically, throughout the entire book.  The Charlie Madigan series is urban fantasy at it's best, and I certainly can't wait for the next book in the series to see what happens in her life and in the world Kelly Gay has created.  The series is best read in order, as follows:

1. The Better Part of Darkness (2009)
2. The Darkest Edge of Dawn (2010)
3. The Hour of Dust and Ashes (2011)
4. Shadows Before the Sun (2012)

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