Monday, October 19, 2009

What I'm Reading This Week

This week I am finishing up my third read of Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward. I love this book more every time I read it. If you haven't read this series and like your paranormal romance on the edgy side with some sarcasm thrown in, you should pick up Dark Lover, the first book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

Two books I ordered from ebay were in my mailbox today. Crimson City by Liz Maverick and Stray by Rachel Vincent. I'll start Stray next after I finish Lover Awakened tonight.

I also joined Paperback Swap yesterday after finally hearing so many good things about it that I couldn't resist. Some books I won't part with, but I have a lot of paperbacks that just didn't make my "Keeper Shelves". I have the first two swaps packaged and ready to go to the post office tomorrow, plus I ordered two for myself. I put in for Full Moon Rising (Riley Jenson, Guardian, Bk 1) by Keri Arthur and Fantasy Lover (Dark-Hunter, Bk 1) by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Since I started reading paranormal romance later than most readers, I have a lot of catching up to do on series like these.

I will try to post reviews this week of several books/series that I've read recently.

I'm hanging out at the Barnes and Noble website this week where J. R. Ward is the featured author. It's set up as a forum where fans can ask questions, and she answers them, or not, depending on what they are trying to squeeze out of her:) It's here: Barnes and Noble Center Stage from 10/19-10/23: