Friday, September 17, 2010

For the Love of Zombies

Zombies. Everyone wants to jump on the Zombie Bandwagon. I'm not sure why because when you jump on their wagon they will just eat you. Seriously. They like to eat flesh. But, many of us are fascinated by them. We can't seem to stay away, even though we read or watch something zombie related and then find ourselves making that "I may vomit" face and trying not to gag.

This week it was Zombie Week at I almost missed it, but clicked over their tonight just in time to catch the Zombie Round Table where they are asking authors of zombie related fiction "What is the Appeal of Zombie Fiction?". My favorite response is from S. G. Browne, Author of “Zombie Gigolo” who says in part:

They’re faster. Funnier. Sentient. Plus there’s this constant fascination with the inevitability of a zombie apocalypse. I mean, no one ever talks about the werewolf apocalypse. That would be ridiculous.

Head on over to Tor to read the rest of the Round Table responses here. I posted my opinion below:

I think zombies are the ultimate tool for black humor-- we laugh at their antics even as we cringe and want to vomit. It's great.

As I thought about zombies today I realized I've actually had quite a bit of zombie related posts in the last year. But even before that I was turning my oldest son into a zombie for Halloween:

How To Become a Zombie: I lightly hair sprayed his hair, then "wooshed" some baby powder onto it all over. Then I hair sprayed it again lightly. Wooshed the powder one more time, then hair sprayed again. On his make-up, we started out with white sponged on but it had dried and didn't work well. So, I grabbed some grey, dark green and black then splotched it on his face, neck and hands. I had black make-up in a stick and used that on his eyes and mouth. Then we wooshed powder all over him again, and gently dabbed it with tissue.

The very first short story my husband and I wrote together, An Affair to Dismember, is a zombie love story. It's offline right now, but I'm going to post it on the blog for Halloween.

So, what about those other Zombie posts?

My first post was about The Zombie Today show, which completed Season 1.
Read it here:

I've also reviewed the following Zombie Themed books. Click on a title to read:
Beyond Exile by J.L. Bourne
Play Dead by Ryan Brown
Feed by Mira Grant

So, are you a zombie fan? Or would you rather the fad just disapppeared?



Kathy Habel said...

That's one creepy looking Zombie picture. I'll have to remember this post for Halloween next month.

jellybelly82158 said...

Great looking Zombie pic.

hendy said...

Okay what is up with this zombie fad? How do you think it started and what is your favorite zombie book? I need a good zombie book to introduce me to this fad.

Anonymous said...

lol, I am not a zombie fan but I do enjoy a couple of zombie movies and books.