Monday, September 13, 2010

My First Cowboy Romance

I met Sandy Sullivan at a chat for XOXO Publishing, where she said to me "Most of my books tend to deviate toward western or cowboys. Gotta love a man in tight Wranglers." I confessed to her that I had never read a cowboy romance, and a couple days later she generously offered to send me one of hers. I was a little hesitant because I've read mostly paranormal romance, but I had promised myself to broaden my horizons. Now, Sandy is a prolific author, and I had a really hard time choosing a book. I finally decided to go with Texas Lady, which sounded like a sweet and sexy historical romance. A gal has to go slowly into the world of horse riding, sexy cowboys.

I really enjoyed Texas Lady. It was a sweet story with a little mystery and adventure mixed in with the romance. I also found out after reading it, that it was Sandy's first novel. I must say from looking at her book page she seems to have gotten more bold and steamy in her other books:) I think Texas Lady is a wonderful romance for any age past 16 or so, and of course those of us who passed that age awhile ago.

I asked Sandy some questions about cowboy romance, figuring she wouldn't mind me picking her brain about one of her favorite topics.

Brenda: Why cowboys, Sandy? I know there are the tight Wranglers and all, but what else drew you to writing about cowboys?

Sandy: I've always been a lover of horses and westerns. I loved watching the old westerns on TV and men like John Wayne and others, seemed so sexy to me. The smells of horses, hay and barns are some of my favorite scents, too, so cowboys just kind of come along with those. The other thing about cowboys is they always seem so gentlemanly. You know, holding the door for you, pulling out your chair -- that kind of thing and I just think that's sexy as hell.

Brenda: Texas Lady had an old fashioned feel to it, but I noticed your Wilder Series looks pretty steamy and maybe not quite so old fashioned. Do you think a novice cowboy romance reader like myself could handle it?

Sandy: If you like erotic, then you could handle the Wilder family. It's very hot, but also has the sexy cowboys and a good old fashioned love story in there, too. Even my erotic romances are based around the love of two people, they just have really hot sex!

Brenda: I know you are working on a cowboy shapeshifter short story for a Halloween anthology. I must tell you I am bursting with excitement to read your take on shifters. How did it go? Do you like working with the paranormal aspect? Will we be seeing more supernatural goodness in boots and spurs?

Sandy: It was funny how this cowboy shifter came about from the chat on XOXO. The story is called Cat On The Prowl and the hero is a shifter, a mountain lion shifter, but he's also a cowboy and the first time the heroine sees him, he's in chaps. His name is Gabriel and her name is Suzanne or Suzi. I love paranormal and I may have to start a longer piece with a shifter. I've got so many irons in the fire right now, I don't really have time. Wild Wyoming Nights has quite a bit of paranormal in it though it's not shifters, it's ghosts.

Brenda: Do you remember the first cowboy romance you read yourself?

Sandy: I read several Louie Lamour stories, but I don't remember one specifically.

Brenda: I have to tell you that when I think of cowboys and romance I think of the musical Oklahoma. I've always loved it. What are some of your favorite Western movies?

Sandy: Anything John Wayne.

Brenda: Thank you so much for introducing me to cowboys in romance. I'm really looking forward to your shifter short story, so I don't have to keep having thoughts of Jeff from Texas Lady turning into a large, sexy wolf.

Sandy: I'll keep that in mind the next time I write a cowboy story. LOL I might just have to make my hero a wolf shifter. I do have two more cowboy pieces coming out in the next couple of months. Gotta Love A Cowboy is due out with Passion In Print in October and Hot Summer Love - Cowboy Style is due out with Whiskey Creek Press in November. Keep your eyes peeled to my website at

You can find Sandy's books, including Texas Lady, on her website at:


Sarah J. McNeal said...

Love your work, Sandy. Anyone who likes John Wayne is a friend of mine. Best wishes, Sarah Mcneal.

Hales said...

This is the only one I'll have to buy lol :) I can't wait to either :)

Tina Donahue said...

Love Sandy's cowboy stories!! :)

Marianne Stephens said...

Louie Lamour and John Wayne...can't get more "cowboy" than that! Besides looking good in Wranglers, it's that slanted tip of a cowboy hat that makes him so-o-o sexy!

Anonymous said...

I've never read a cowboy romance either, but I think I might start.

jellybelly82158 said...

Great interview. I love cowboy romances.

hendy said...

You've had a lot of book firsts, I haven't read any cowboy mysteries either. P.S. Oklahoma was my favorite musical.

Anonymous said...

I havent read any cowboy romance but my dad loves cowboy movies.